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Major Product Announcements

There are thousands of products out there…
Daily Product Releases - Exciting NEW Gadgets - Rebates
Lower Your Cost of Ownership & Increase Your ROI

We would need a Ticker Tape for the Technology Industry
running on our site to keep you abreast of all the
daily happenings out there. But we don’t!

But you are always welcomed to contact us. Looking for a specific product? Need some information? Price shopping?

Not sure what item you need to get to accomplish your objective? Then drop us note at info@diskovery.com
or give us a call at 800-331-5489.Either way, we can be of help.
Mimio Xi
Video Editing Solutions

Diskovery has access to numerous accessory items that helps make your computing life less complicated!
Workspace Items - Mobile accessories for your Camera, Celluar Notebook, or PDA - Cables - Surge Protectors - CD/DVD Supplies - USB items - KVM - Bluetooth - and more..

Looking for a specific computer book? Working on a Certification? Need help with that new web design software you purchased? You just bought a digital camera – now what do you do with the pictures? Teaching a class and need material? Can’t sleep and want to cozy up with a good book on Object-Oriented Programming?

Whether you are a novice or a wiz, we may be able to help you get the book you require and even save some money also.
Please contact us with a title, ISBN number or subject matter.
Our Book Focus Listing is a diverse selection of titles addressing topics of popular interest.

Audio/Video DVD Players & Recorders MP3 VideoGaming Speakers Boomboxes & CD Players GPS …and more

Did you know that Diskovery can get you a iRock MP3 Player or a Home Theater-in-a-Box by Denon, Panasonic or Philips.
How about a Portable CD Player or Boombox from Coby, Panasonic or SONY…

Need a sound system for your computer – then consider Altec Lansing, Cyber Acoustics, Harman, Logitech.
If VideoGaming is your passion – then we have access to consoles, accessories and games for Xbox, PlayStation2 and GameCube.

Do you wish your classes were more interactive?
mimio technology can make that happen with surprising ease and affordability, whether you convert the whiteboard already in your classroom with mimio Xi or install an integrated mimioBoard solution. Use mimio stylus pens as a cordless mouse to control (click, right click, drag and drop) computer applications and documents directly from the whiteboard.

- Control PowerPoint slides, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets

- Browse educational websites on the Internet

- Navigate interactive instructional CDs

- Perfect for front of class and whole class instruction as well as allowing students to be more interactive and engaged.

What is mimio Xi?

mimio Xi is a portable and low cost device that attaches to any whiteboard (up to 4'x8' in size), connects to your PC/Mac and when used with a projector, allows you control your desktop applications and documents directly from the board.
Capture your whiteboard notes ... and your students' attention.

Ultra-portability…No computer required!
In the Classroom…..Distance Learning…Students with Special Needs…Professional Development…Collaborative Meetings…Training

mimioGrant Program
In an effort to make technology affordable and accessible in the classroom, Virtual Ink is proud to offer mimioGrant to educators. Complete the mimioGrant application and receive up to 25% off list price on mimio products.

Contact info@diskovery.com for mimioGrant Application and additional Product Information
Click Here to Download mimio Xi Spec Sheet.  
Click Here to Download mBoard Spec Sheet.  

As an authorized Palm Education Solution Partner, we are a resource that has access to a number of Palm products and items that may be of benefit to you and/or your institution.

Palm Purchasing Opportunities

There are continually various purchasing opportunities available for individuals and academic institutions. Programs vary from Volume Purchasing to Rebate Offers to Trade-In Allowances to Diskovery Exclusive Bundle Specials.

So, whether you want to increase your personal productivity, outfit a lab or implement a curriculum related project - consider contacting us as a cost-effective resource.

Palm Product Line
We have access to the full Palm product line. Everything from Palm handhelds to Palm-labeled accessories.

Palm 3rd Party Products
Diskovery also represents solutions from a number of vendors that produce excellent Palm-related products.
GoKnow - Handmark - Fellowes - Belkin - Sandisk - Metrowerks - Harvard Language - TriBeam - imagiWorks - Margi - Dataviz - Franklin Electronic - Saunders - Targus - Magellan - Micro Innovations - Symantec - pumaTech - Seiko Instruments - iGo

We appreciate the opportunity to participate with in related bids.

Please contact us with your Palm related requirements or to find out more about Palm solutions and related-Specials - Diskovery 800-331-5489 sales@diskovery.com

Video Editing Solutions
Diskovery has access to many leading publishers and vendors of video production application and tools. From animation to video editing to sound to streaming to web, we can help you obtain the tools you need at the prices you need.

Video-Editing Solutions from such vendors as:
Adobe; Avid; Canopus; Contour Design; discreet; Maxon; MovieWorks; Pinnacle; Roxio; SorensonMedia; Wacom
Enough said...See for yourself

Avid Xpress Pro for Education

Powerful. Portable. Affordable. Scalable. Compatible.
Loaded with features and functionality, Avid Xpress Pro software lets users edit DV, mix resolutions in the timeline, and save space using the new 15:1s offline resolution. Editors can access 24 video and 24 audio tracks with unlimited layers, apply 2D and 3D OpenGL-based effects, edit true 23.976 media, trim and edit using JKL keys, and customize their workspaces. And with both Mac OS X and Windows XP software included in the same box so you are ready for the future, no matter what system you're using when you get there.

Single copies of Avid Xpress Pro for Education include:
-Avid Xpress Pro software for both Mac OS X and Windows XP Professional
-Avid Xpress Pro online documentation and product tutorial DVD
-Digidesign® AudioSuite, Avid Total Conform, Avid FilmMaker's Toolkit, Image Stabilization, IllusionFX, and Avid Pan & Zoom
-One license key (USB dongle)
-Avid Xpress Pro for Education does not contain any third-party software

combustion 3

The definitive creative solution for motion graphics, compositing and visual effects….Discreet combustion 3 offers the creative tools, speed and interactivity that professionals need and artists crave. Paint, animation, editing and 3D compositing are combined in an integrated environment based on Discreet's legendary user interface. Designed to satisfy the world's most demanding effects artists and priced to fit within any budget, combustion 3 is the best solution for creating effects and motion graphics for video, film, DVD, and the web. Available for either Windows-OS or Macintosh-OS. Product info...

Welcome to a whole new universe of CINEMA 4D. Filled with countless high-end features, CINEMA 4D's outstanding price and performance make it the tool of choice for broadcast animation, motion-picture special effects, medical illustration, classroom instruction and almost any other 3D modeling and animation application. More info...

Highly competitive prices for CINEMA 4D and BodyPaint 3D mean that students, as well as colleges and universities, can afford MAXON's revolutionary tools and unleash their creativity in the third and fourth dimensions; where technology is simply the tool at your fingertips and not a giant hurdle that cannot be leaped.

Pinnacle Studio 9
The world's top-selling software video editor just got a whole world better! More info…

Pinnacle Liquid Edition 5.5
Pinnacle Liquid Edition is the most powerful and comprehensive video editing and DVD authoring solution available today. New features include Liquid CX Color Correction, Dynamic Slow Motion, and the ability to edit in a networked workgroup environment. More info…

Pinnacle Liquid Edition Productivity Pack
Top off your postproduction tool kit with the all new Pinnacle Liquid Edition Productivity Pack. This comprehensive professional software bundle includes award winning products Commotion Pro, Hollywood FX Pro, Impression DVD Pro, and TitleDeko Pro. Basically, you get every creative tool you need to do professional compositing, paint, motion graphics, special effects, broadcast-quality titles, and DVDs and much, much, more. More info...

Contact us at either 800-331-5489 or info@diskovery.com for additional assistance.

Video-Editing Solution Product Pricing.  
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