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Major Product Announcements


Diskovery Celebrates its 17th Anniversary
September, 2003

This month, Diskovery Educational Systems enjoys its 17th year of assisting the academic community with implementing technology.

Established in 1986, Diskovery became one of the first companies to have the foresight to recognize the important relationship between technology and education.

Diskovery has helped shape the foundation for some of the current academic volume licensing and pricing structures today. “When we started, the first publisher we worked with was Microsoft”, said Daniel Wechsler, Diskovery President, “In 1986, Microsoft had one person handling all education inquiries and were selling directly at full retail. We had presented a business plan addressing the importance of recognizing the academic community, which included special price considerations. Our plan was accepted, and we become the only company for approximately one year to exclusively help the education market in satisfying Microsoft computing objectives at what then was considered unheard of discounts.” “Later on, we had influence in the beginning development of licensing plans.”

“ Aside, from Microsoft, some of the other vendors that we represented were Ashton-Tate (remember dBase), Aldus (original PageMaker publisher), WordPerfect, Borland, Broderbund, and Davidson & Associates. We were the second company authorized as an academic reseller by Symantec and were one of a very limited number of companies permitted to sell Adobe licensing to education.”

It has been great to witness the procession from Apple II and DOS, 5.25” floppies and monochrome green displays to today’s current technology of DVD’s, pen drives, and graphic rich applications. One of high demand products in 1986 was a Hayes 9600Baud Modem for approximately $600. Now you can obtain a pretty powerful system for the same cost.

" Although it’s not something we promote on our web site,” Wechsler said, “ we would like you to know that Diskovery is always working on your behalf, behind the scenes, in bringing the issues and concerns that are important to you, and important to the academic community as a whole, to the attention of our software vendors.

Most software companies sell into several different markets and would have a very difficult time understanding and dealing with all of the issues that are voiced by the academic community on a regular basis concerning software. Diskovery has been a passionate and respected voice that has forced the software companies to face these issues head on and to find acceptable solutions.

It has been extremely gratifying," he said, "to know that Diskovery has in some small way been able to influence these leading technology vendors to providing price and content considerations that are unique and beneficial to the academic community."

Diskovery Educational Systems - 800.331.5489. 1860, Old Okeechobee Road, #106, West Palm Beach FL 33409. info@diskovery.com

New Technologies – New Products
August/September 2003

This is a great time of year for institutions, faculty and students to kick off the school year. There are a number of new software releases. There are some great upgrade and back-to-school opportunities.

Adobe has released the new Encore DVD and Audition packages while releasing new versions such as Acrobat 6.0, Premiere Pro 7.0 and After Effects 6.0.

Macromedia will be shipping in late September the MX 2004 release for Studio MX, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash and the new Flash Pro MX 2004.

Discreet will be shipping combustion 3.0 for Windows. Nikon is offering a CoolPix 2500 Digital Camera in a specially priced Student Bundle which also includes a rebate.

Corel provides great licensing opportunities as of September 1st with Education Solution Packs. Corel Education Solution Packs are designed to meet the needs of educators today. Corel Photo Enhancement Pack, Creative Pack and Graphics Pack. For example, the Photo Enhancement Pack includes licensing for: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 11, Corel Painter 8, Corel KPT Collection, Corel Bryce 5 and Corel KnockOut2. Also the recently released Corel WordPerfect Office 11 has provided many schools and users with a very productive and economical solution.

Symantec is releasing 2004 editions on a number of their products while also launching some new applications such as Norton AntiSpam, Password Manager and Norton AntiVirus for Handhelds.

Microsoft is scheduled to ship the Office 2003 products in October. Available now is the Office X 10.0 for Mac Student and Teacher Edition.
Contact Diskovery for assistance on product information, upgrading, competitive upgrades or obtaining new editions. Diskovery Educational Systems - 800.331.5489. 1860, Old Okeechobee Road, #106, West Palm Beach FL 33409. info@diskovery.com

Diskovery obtains Wacom Cintiq Authorization
May, 2003

Wacom Technology has granted education dealer authorization to Diskovery Educational Systems for the Cintiq Interactive Pen Display product line.
Wacom's Cintiq 18SX and 15X interactive pen displays combine the advantages of an LCD monitor with the control, comfort, and productivity of Wacom's patented cordless, battery-free tablet technology. By working directly on the screen, you navigate much more quickly and naturally. Both products enable you to adjust the incline to your liking, and the 18SX stand allows you to rotate your work surface as you would a pad of paper for a completely natural work approach.

The Cintiq allows you to optimize your work style. The Cintiq is used as a productive tool in numerous educational technology environments relating to: visual arts, film, video, presentation, education, paperless office, computer music systems, architecture and screen activated control.

Whether you’re presenting to a group or collaborating with others remotely, the Cintiq provides you with the ability to intuitively use the pen directly on the screen to communicate in the most effective manner possible.

Using readily available software like PowerPoint, Acrobat, NetMeeting and Office XP, the Cintiq allows you to draw, annotate and mark-up directly on the screen. The Cintiq easily integrates into your existing infrastructure and can be used on your podium, conference table or command-control station just like a standard monitor.

Adobe Photoshop® and Cintiq are a great complement to each other. Photoshop has tablet support built-in and offers more than 400 tablet-supported brushes.

Diskovery Educational Systems has been a Wacom authorized dealer for a number of years representing the Wacom Graphire and Intuos tablets. Diskovery may be contacted for related additional information at 800.331.5489.

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