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Major Product Announcements

Photo/Graphic Edges 5.0
Auto FX Software is the worlds foremost developer of visual enhancement software for Adobe Photoshop Paint Shop Pro and Corel Photo Paint.
Photo/Graphic Edges 5.0 is a unique creative tool that makes your photos distinctive and artistic with the click of a button. PGE 5 adds torn, ripped, deckled, feathered, painted, film frames and darkroom styled edges to any grayscale or color image.

The newly released Photo/Graphic Edges 5.0 version now features 4 visual effect modules in the same package: Edges, Montage, Vignette and Frames. The creative possibilities are infinite!

Each effect in Photo/Graphic Edges lets you have complete control over every aspect of the design work. Interactive onscreen tools let you freely transform your effect and edges, apply surface grain, lighting, shading, matte or colored backgrounds and more!
PGE 5.0 Includes 17 Volumes of Effects
Photo/Graphic Edges has an infinite variety of edge styles to choose from. PGE 5.0 now lets you combine as many different edge types together to create new and exciting looks.
Traditional Film Frames
Darkroom Impressionistic
Geometric Watercolor Fadeouts
Artistic Rubbed Charcoal
Digital Splattered Airbrush
Painted Etched Scratchboard
Deckled Darkroom Transfers
Feathered Brushed Acrylics
Semi-Transparent Rough and Gritty
Torn and Ripped Abstract Shapes

Photo/Graphic Edges Includes All The Extras
An infinite variety of effects give you a world of options!
Includes 17 volumes of effects, over 10,000 edges
Includes 1,000 full size and seamless texture backgrounds which form mattes behind the edges
200 Lighting tiles that enhance the lighting and tonal look and feel of the image
Dozens of unique surface texture options let you apply simulated film grain to the image or background.
Supports multiple edge loading for an infinite number of edge combinations and looks
Backward compatible with all previous versions of Photo/Graphic Edges
Users can create and then load up their own customized edges and effect content
Supports Photoshop transparency so it is easy to apply edges and layer them for creative montages

Easy to Use Interface and WORKFLOW
The user interface puts all the controls within easy reach for a fast and intuitive experience. This product will save designers tremendous amounts of time. Real-time previews, interactive controls, dynamic onscreen controls, and ease of use all combine to make working with PGE 5.0 a real pleasure.

Each effect has a set of controls that allow the user to adjust the effect's visual settings. Any onscreen tools associated with an effect are tied to the effect controls so the user may draw onscreen with an effect path and then adjust the controls that affect just that path and nothing else.

With PGE 5.0 you have complete control over the edge size, rotation and position, opacity, softness, border width, color, background, edge roughness, depth, film grain and dozens of other creative aspects that enhance the photo and edge effect.

Includes Hundreds of Special Lighting Effects
It only takes a click or two to apply stunning Lighting effects to an image with Photo/Graphic Edges. With the Light Tab feature, it is easier than ever to add interest and intrigue to your images.
Includes Creative Background Texture Mattes
PGE also includes 1,000 background texture mattes that can be placed behind your edged image to give it a custom look. Texture mattes include handmade papers, stone and marble, brushed metal and organic surfaces.
Create Unique Photo Montages
PGE's Montage effect allows you to combine dozens of edges to form complex artistic compositions. This is great for combining lots of photos into a tight area of a layout or website where space is limited.
Control Interrupts
As you adjust controls the effect updates itself automatically. An intelligent control interrupt system allows you to interrupt the effect if it is updating itself.
Advanced Preview System
PGE's adjustable preview features a 1600% marquee zoom capability with built in panning support. Previews can be shown in Proxy mode so they render blazingly fast regardless of the image size
Save and Replay Your Settings
Save and Load your effect settings for instant replay Presets are Resolution Independent. Save them while working on a large file and they apply the same to a smaller file or an even larger file and get the same results.
Memory Dots
Click a memory dot on the interface and PGE remembers your current settings. You can explore with your design ideas and come back to where you were with a single click.
File Open and Save Support
PGE features file loading and saving support for: .psd, .tif, .bmp, .jpg, .gif, .png file formats. Saving in Photoshop format will export the effect layers into a single transparent layer in a Photoshop native document.
Help on Demand
PGE lets you hold your mouse over a control for a few seconds and a floating window appears that contains comprehensive detailed instructions about the control. This powerful feature gives you instant access to control information without the need to look in a manual or use a separate help system that takes you away from the task at hand. The PGE tool tips are fast and efficient to use.

Academic Pricing
Photo/Graphic Edges 5.0
$109.00 (srp $199.00)

System Requirements
Photo/Graphic Edges works as both a plug-in and as a stand alone application for Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP or on any Power Macintosh G3 or G4 running OS 8.5 or higher. PGE runs native with Macintosh OS X.
128 RAM Install requires 1.2 GB of storage space on local hard drive. All content and effects are stored locally in version 5.0.
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