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We are one of the largest, authorized resellers of Microsoft, Adobe and Corel products just to name a few. Educational institutions, faculty and students have come to realize that besides saving up to 80% compared to commercial pricing, Diskovery has a knowledgeable staff that is experienced with all kinds of computer and software products and licensing. And we are committed to providing the service and attention people expect.
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Planon's DocuPen R-700 $189.00 (srp $199.99)
Planon introduces their latest scanning product the DocuPen a handheld scanner that operates on batteries for full portability purposes. The DocuPen is capable of storing up to 100 pages into memory and takes approximately 4 to 8 seconds per page. The DocuPen is different from other pen scanners in that it scans a FULL PAGE width and therefore scans the entire page including text and graphics in just 4 seconds. Other handheld and pen scanners only scan single lines of text or records handwriting and cannot scan graphics making them much less practical. In comparison, the DocuPen™ is truly a breakthrough in technological development because it fully realizes the potential of what other pen size scanners tried to accomplish. The need for convenient out of office scanning is enormous but has not been satisfied because the products to date did not fulfill that need adequately. As the fax evolved from the telex, to successfully satisfy its communication need, the DocuPen™ is the practical solution to the pen scanners finally opening the market for wide spread acceptance.


The Docupen handheld portable scanner is unique and fills a HUGE market need. There are many millions that could use this handheld scanner making this one of the best new sales opportunities available.

This product is the ideal portable scanner for business executives, lawyers, mortgage brokers, real estate agents, sales people, construction, architects, engineers, accountants, insurance adjusters, government, teachers, students, and more.

Ideal for capturing any document, anywhere (on a plane, clients office, library, in your car) and view or print it later.

The DocuPen™ can be used to scan newspapers, magazine articles, books, notes, receipts, contracts, sketches, important documents, certificates, blueprints, maps, reference material, etc.

The DocuPen™ comes complete with image and free ScanSoft PaperPort software that includes OCR capability.
ScanSoft's PaperPort v8.0 SE software is included for free with the purchase of Planon's handheld scanner the DocuPen. PaperPort is one of the most efficient ways for people to organize themselves, find and share paper, PDF, and digital documents. PaperPort combines the power of creating PDF, the convenience of network scanning and the efficiency of document management, into a single, easy-to-use desktop application.

PaperPort integrates with many of your computer's existing applications such as Outlook Express for immediate creation of an e-mail while attaching your digital files.

PaperPort also integrates with Microsoft Word, Notepad and Wordpad to perform OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capabilities. By selecting on a scanned document, OCR will convert your documents into editable text.

Hurry buy today!
This limited time offer is available only while supplies last!
This is an exclusive offer available from:
To place your orders:
By telephone call: 1-800-331-5489 x16
Or by emailing sales@diskovery.com

Planon's DocuPen R-700
$189.00 (srp $199.99)

± Offer available while supplies last.
Promotion is subject to change without notice.

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